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The LL Roberts Group can provide cost-effective services that help small to mid-sized companies better manage their employer responsibilities and risks. PEOs are in the "business of employment" and provide real relief to employers through services and resources that include workers' compensation coverage, payroll and employment tax administration, safety/risk management support, human resources support, labor law compliance, as well as employee benefit programs. By "hiring" a PEO to assume these non-core business functions for your company you are free to manage your company's product development and production, marketing, sales and service.

LL Roberts Group

Whether you have a facility or job site, Time Systems allows companies to easily manage your payroll by becoming automated. No more spending days tracking down timesheets or employees times. The Time Systems Clocks and Mobile app (for iPhone and Android) is a timekeeping solution to help employers and employees track employee hours worked on-the-go. From punching employee time cards to supervisor time-off approvals, this app is your mobile workforce companion.

Time Systems

Needing to find the right employees? MindData's MD 100 & MD 180 products are the perfect "team building" tools. They give employers insights to wide variety of personality traits of job candidates and your current staff. MinddData gives you the ability to match potential new hires with the performance capabilities of your current employees and allows you to hire the types of candidates that make a stronger workforce.


Mercury Insurance Services (“Mercury”) is an Independent Insurance Agency, which means that Mercury represents several different carriers. Mercury specializes in providing insurance solutions to business owners, employers, and their employees. Mercury shops the market place in order to find the right “fit” for you and your insurance needs. Property and Casualty coverages, such as workers’ compensation and general liability insurance, as well as life and health lines like group medical plans, vision, dental, life, LTD, and STD coverages are available through Mercury. Let one of Mercury’s licensed insurance agents assist you and your company with any of its insurance coverage needs.